Why Earthism Bamboo Fibre Kitchenware?

If you are a health freak, and a nature-lover or someone who cares even a little bit about Earth, you will surely believe in Earthism bamboo fibre products. Read on to know why…

  • Bamboo is organic. No pesticides are used when growing bamboo, which means there will not be any pesticide or other chemical residues left on the final product or in the environment.
  • Earthism bamboo fibre products are Chemical Free, Toxin Free, BPA Free, FDA approved, 100% Food Grade.
  • At no point in the production process of Earthism bamboo fibre tableware/kitchenware are any chemicals used. Bamboo fibre kitchenware is made with Bamboo fibre, cornstarch and binding resin. On the other-hand, even BPA free plastic is full of chemicals and is not safe for use.
  • 100% Sustainable- Bamboo is fast-growing. In fact it’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world. So it is an easily sustainable option as a highly renewable material for the world.
  • Earthism Bamboo fibre products are 100% Bio-Degradable. You can use them for any number of years. Once you want a change, discard them without any guilt.
  • Bamboo fibre is 100% bio-degradable, which means it’s completely eco-friendly. Bamboo starts as a natural substance on Earth and ends that way too.
  • It looks modern & stylish. It’s not boring! It’ll add zing to any dining experience.
  • Clearly Bamboo fibre kitchenware is the best possible replacement for the hazardous and harmful plastic, PP, melamine or Styrofoam product. Take this step forward to free your homes from plastic.
  • Bamboo fibre kitchenware is easy to clean. It’s Dishwasher safe as well. But ya, it’s not suitable for microwaves. Remember we don’t advocate the use of anything that might be harmful for your health? Microwaves are one of those things. Stay away from microwaves, and keep your Bamboo products away from it too
  • Bamboo bowls have a natural anti-bacterial property that makes them resistant to absorbing odors and limits the growth of bacteria.


Bamboo – fun facts!

  • Bamboo grows amazingly fast! In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Certain species of bamboo can grow 3 ft in a span of 24 hrs. 
  • When bamboo is harvested, it will continue to grow new shoots from its amazing root system. That makes it completely sustainable
  • Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than equivalent mass of trees
  • It absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants
  • Bamboo is organic- It requires no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizer to grow and thrive. It’s very own fallen leaves provide the necessary nutrients that get recycled back into the soil. 
  • Every part of the plant can be utilized in one way or another with zero waste. After the bamboo material has reached it’s life span, it can be recycled back into our good earth.
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. It is so effective that it eliminates and prevents over 70% of bacteria that attempt to grow on it.